A Pyrrhic Victory :Volume II, Destiny Unfolds – by Dr. Ian Crouch

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Following up from the award-winning first volume of this trilogy, The Shaping of Destiny, Pyrrhus is now comfortable in his role of king of Epirus. It is 295 BC.

He is soon to be embroiled again in his dealings with the great power, Macedonia, and his one-time friend, Demetrius.

The cataclysmic event of his life then occurs: the invitation to help the Greek city of Tarentum in Italy.

He invades Italy and confronts the growing power of Rome.

This struggle between Greece and Rome lasted until 146 BC, the year of the sack of Corinth.

It was Pyrrhus’ second victory against the Romans at Asculum in 279 BC that gave rise to the expression A Pyrrhic Victory, one that comes at such a cost that it threatens to destroy the victor.

Pyrrhus was described by Hannibal as the finest commander the world had seen, after Alexander himself.

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Keywords:- Pyrrhus of Epirus, The Hellenistic World, Alexander the Great, The rise of Rome, The rise of Carthage.

Genres:- Historical Fiction.

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