A King’s Genetic Memory : The Royal Inspiration – by Craig Pinckney Refour

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This book of inspirational poetry started with the author writing down his deepest thoughts, emotions and experiences. Craig Pinckney Refour wrote about his relationships with friends, loved ones and even his enemies.

“After a few years, I began to get inspirations and subjects in my sleep. I would wake up and just start writing, not knowing what my finished product would be. Then I took a long break in my writing, not knowing that I was really working on a book. While deployed overseas, my writing began to pick up again.”

Every word of A KING’S GENETIC MEMORY: The Royal Inspiration was written outside the United States. It was started in Iraq in 2004, and was completed in 2009 in Afghanistan.

“I began to feel like I were a king of pure royalty and didn’t know where these feelings came from. They began to surface more and more in my writing, so I began to research my family’s name and ask my grandparents about the feeling of royalty. They confirmed that we had descended from royalty many years back. That’s how I received the theme of the book.”

This American soldier inspired by God, and the descendant of kings, hopes his poetry will inspire others in the belief that anything is possible in a world filled with so many possibilities.

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