A Hungarian Woman’s Life – by Erzsebet Kertesz Dobosi Croll

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Little Erzsebet Kertesz was just a child when she and her family of eight were uprooted from their tiny village home in Eastern Transylvania. The onset of World War II would force the family to relocate, suffering through times of fear, poverty, and starvation. Eventually, Erzsebet and her family were torn asunder by cultural and generational differences brought upon by radical political upheavals.

Read the harrowing life story of author Erzsebet Kertesz Dobosi Croll as she retells the horrors of her past living under German and Soviet occupation, experiencing the bombing of her hometown, and fleeing with her first husband to America after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Those that have been refugees will relate to this miraculous story of survival. Those who have not will empathize with the tens of thousands of men, women and children who were forced to give up their homes – and, sometimes, their lives – while under the restricted freedoms of a Communist government.

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Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs, History, Europe, Austria & Hungary.

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