A Great Punctuation to Life – by Genevieve Ballarin

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Annie Gales is a self-absorbed, emotionally dysfunctional, and clueless young woman who finds she is attending funerals of people she doesn’t even know, in order to discover the secret to their popularity.

Shocked with the lack of attendees at her father’s funeral, Annie begins her unusual ritual of going to strangers’ funerals, so she can start practicing what is necessary to have a large send-off when her own time comes, since funerals are A Great Punctuation to Life.

Her goal of amassing friends for this bizarre purpose completely consumes her, until she meets an older woman who takes the socially inept Annie under her wing. This misguided start to adulthood ends with a dramatic turnabout and self-discovery for Annie. She finds that there’s more to life than funerals, and she may just be ready to appreciate some male companionship.

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Keywords:- Young, Dysfunctional, Romantic, Dramatic, Funerals, Relationships, Life.

Genres:- Fiction, Urban Life, Contemporary Women.

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