A Fool’s Note: A Book of Poems – by Akinola Dahunsi

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The poems in A Fool’s Note were mostly born out of the agony, frustration, and bewilderment of a young man trying to understand the strange world in which he finds himself. His poetry celebrates life, nature, and beliefs. His words cry out for answers in an intricate world steeped in mysteries.

Resolutions to the quests of life can be gleaned in some of the lyrics; the remainder keep intact the inscrutable veil across the face of the earth, which is the inevitable norm.

All in all, this poetry collection can be seen as an open well of water from which an initiate can draw to quench his literary and philosophical thirst.

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Keywords:- King, Queen, Heaven, Good Men, Poems, Cast, Death, Pains, Love, Lust.

Genres:- Poetry.

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