A Feast of Horror : Stories To Make Your Blood Run Cold – by J.G Williams

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A Feast of Horror is an eerie combination of evil, blood, lust, revenge, evil children, and craziness, written as short horror stories and horror poetry. Each story is a different nightmare brought to life. Take for instance Emelia. She is a beautiful child who has a future in modeling, but she has secrets. She likes to kill animals and just loves eyes. Sophie loves to cook, and when she tries a new recipe, she makes something Explosive. And then there’s the Maniac Clown. Be careful who you invite to your child’s next birthday party! This spine chilling read is filled with horror, a dash of humor, and a lot of twists.

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Keywords:- Evil, Blood, Lust, Revenge, Evil Children, Craziness, Short Horror Stories, Horror Poetry, J.g. Williams, A Feast Of Horror.

Genres:- Horror.

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