A Conflict of Interest : UES Galaxy Fights for our Future – Operation OACOI – by Anthony B. Smellie

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The war on our world has taken its toll, and many from both sides are tired of the fighting. Both factions want to stop the war, but neither knows how. The war has taken many lives and destroyed most of the environment on two planets. Someone comes up with an idea. “Instead of ending the war, why not stop it before it begins?” This is how the idea of going back in time to prevent the war was implemented. Unfortunately, Earth does not have the technology for time travel, but the Tharoans do, for they’ve been traveling through wormholes for eons.

The tale begins when the United States is conducting a nuclear test above a deserted island. At that moment, a wormhole opens and a ship emerges from another dimension. The nuclear device explodes, engulfing the ship, killing the ambassadors and royal aliens. Their civilization takes this as an act of war. As a result, Earth is attacked and a war lasting two hundred years begins.

Both sides, tired of fighting, secretly convene to stop the war. However, there are some who don’t want the war to end.

The President of the United Earth orders Admiral Hawkens and the crew of the UES Galaxy to travel back in time to stop the war at any cost. One major problem is that they can’t kill anyone from the past for fear of disrupting Earth’s timeline.

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Keywords:- Space Ship, Time Travel, Aliens, Fantasy, Marines, Battle, Action/Drama.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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