A Bundle of Colorful Yarns: An Eclectic Short Story Collection – by Louis Winslow

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A Bundle of Colorful Yarns: An Eclectic Short Story Collection represents the author’s second book of short stories. A natural-born storyteller, Louis Winslow imbues his characters with honesty, “a trait I hold in high esteem.”

His new collection of 35 stories covers a wide range of topics. Most are action-adventure tales, and many feature outdoor themes. He explains, “The bulk can be described as realistic, but there are some fantasies. Although this is listed as a fiction book, there are a couple of nonfiction stories included.”

He hopes his works will be inspiring and will take readers on a truly eclectic journey.

The Table of Contents backs that up, reading like a kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride. Titles point to an unforgettable read and include: “Skull Rock,” “Wizard of Oz Freeborn High Reunion,” “Evil Monkey,” “Hitchhiker,” “Dangerous Tango,” “The Locked Room,” “The Pit,” “Cupid Crossed,” “Ghost Eyes,” “His Evilness,” “Assassination,” “Alicia’s Revenge,” and “Salvation Angel.” Then there’s “Pursuit of Trout.”

There’s something for everyone in A Bundle of Colorful Yarns.

Keywords:- Adventure, Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting, Dogs, Mexico, Midwest.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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