A Boyish God – by Peter Alan Olsson

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The playground at Saint Thomas Moore School in Houston has become a terrifying place. When Sister Agnes hears young Will’s fiery funeral sermon for a dead bird, she must comfort a group of fearful students.

At the forceful insistence of his teachers, Will Powers reluctantly stops his explosive sermon. Will’s teacher thinks that his parents, and particularly his father, seem very troubled. The parents won’t return Sister Agnes’s phone calls about similar events involving Will.

School psychologist Sister Andrea Albright turns for help to a trusted psychiatrist friend, Dr. Tom Tolman. The ensuing therapy is seen from Will’s perspective and the “helpful” adults around him.

Those who would aid the boy instead reveal perspectives on psychotherapy’s ability to thwart the evil of malignant self-absorption. And along the path of Will’s therapy, Sister Andrea and her friend Tom find genuine love and romance.

A Boyish God is a troubling novel with deep insights. Says the author, “I was jolted to my core when I learned that a college friend’s son died at the Rev. Jim Jones’s side at Jonestown. Two books and over thirty years later, I am still searching for answers…especially about terror prevention.”

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Keywords:- Dysfunctional Family, Intensive Psychotherapy, Love, Romance, Spirituality, Dreams’ Meanings.

Genres:- Fiction, Psychological, Psychotherapy, Child & Adorel, Religion, Religious Intolerance, Persecution & Conflict.

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