30,001 BC (9781606936672) – by Jack A. Hobbs

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In this exciting adventure story, the hero is Cub, a member of a tribal community in the northern part of the continent of Africa during the Old Stone Age. The shaman of the community is Wolf, Cub’s father.

Wolf commissions three men along with Cub to look for better hunting/ gathering grounds. Wolf is concerned about Cub as a man and a leader. He hopes Cub will learn from the other three. Eventually the four cross the narrow strait dividing Africa from Europe.

Before long, they are attacked by Neanderthals. Cub is taken captive. It turns out the Neanderthals want to learn about Cub’s tool kit, in other words, his superior technology.
As a result, Cub becomes part of the Neanderthal community. Up to this time, a virgin, he loses his virginity to a striking Neanderthal woman. Cub, the former nerd, becomes a true leader.

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