101 Reasons to Leave New York – by Howard Jordan,Jr.

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101 Reasons to Leave New York is a quirky pop culture book that recognizes and articulates the unthinkable notion of willingly leaving the greatest city on the face of the planet. Then, provides all the funny, insightful, sad and silly reasons you’ll ever need to justify doing so.

Each entry is a candid expression of the perpetual hope that surrounds inevitable heartbreak; and an acknowledgement of how the city can make you, break you or just take you for the ride of your life.

Those who currently live in New York will gain a renewed appreciation for it, or begin to recognize they’ve simply had enough. Those who have left will smile and recall their own experiences. And those who still dream of calling New York City home will find all the inspiration they need to come.

New York is the capital of the world, and 101 Reasons to Leave New York offers up its reasons why with a humor, realism and perspective rarely seen.

You can’t live in New York City for any period of time without collecting enough stories to fill a book. 101 Reasons to Leave New York explores and explains the Big Apple’s tendency to be a little rotten in spots, from the point of view of someone who has taken a bunch of big juicy bites.

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Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoir.

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