PODG Client SBPRA Author Makes Rights Sale on First Day of Shanghai Children’s Book Fair

As you know, PODG and SBPRA are exhibiting at the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair. Here is the report of the first day from Mr. Song Bo, our Chinese partner (in his own words)! Best! Robert Fletcher C CEO ================================================ Subject: ??????: Today is also our author, Ms. Donna Brooks, the happiest day in CCBF. She is the first author who comes from USA and visit CCBF. We provide the best place, advertisement, sample books, and translator for Ms. Donna, she has one round table and she can communicate with China readers. With our help, she negotiates with China publishers to sell her rights. And she can also sell her English books to Chinese readers. I must say congratulations to Donna because she has already made a good deal with Malaysia publishers. So today is really a lucky day to Donna. 0 And I also tell Donna she needs a special book launch in China if she can write a new good title. Then we told her about the requirement of China market. In beginning, she insists her opinion. But after she walked around and talked with some Chinese guys, she said she will try to write some good books according to China market. So that’s our value. We can help USA authors how to enter China market. As your partner, we can also help you to develop your business in East Asia. Compared with USA, this is a totally different market. We can do what you want to do. God will bless Donna because she is a bravery USA author. Bob in CCBF! Mr. Song Bo C Vice President Publish on Demand Global President Beijing United Glory Culture & Media Company ——————— What fantastic news! And for all of you authors that sent your book to CCBF, you can see how well things are going. We will have a show report in the next 10 days, after the show ends. Best to all! Robert Fletcher C CEO

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