FW: Sending Publisher’s Books to China, Taiwan, India

Mr Fletcher, What will happen if some of our books are already listed on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, iBooks, etc… ? R: Although we can setup US and distribution to these platforms, we are not really discussing “normal” distribution like you already have. We are discussing Asian distribution on unique platforms there. So our distribution will exist in parallel with what you have already. Also, our Global Distribution has a “checklist” feature so you can check off the channels that you wish to distribute to, and not check the ones that already have your books. Will it be possible to see our books on online stores in China, Taiwan and India ? Yes. You will be able to look them up once they are posted there. Once your books are uploaded, we will show you screenshots of them. How can we control our sales ? We will manage the sales and royalties. You can see the sales and royalties online at any time. The channel sends their royalty report to us, and we import it, and make it available to you. If you print our books for retailers, how can we control all this ? Right now, POD printing isn’t implemented yet. Everyone is talking about it, but nobody is doing it. It is much easier to sell and distribute ebooks, for the self-evident reasons. Once it does “connect” we will be able to do both. If I understand, there is a one time setup fee of $149.00 USD ? In general, there is a fee for your account setup and a fee for the books that you wish uploaded. This is different for each customer. If you wish to enter China, there is a fee for the government approval. Our account manager will explain that to you. At this time, we have 6 books written in English. How can we send you the Metadata of that books ? We will send you our metadata format via spreadsheet. We have a very large metadata request because it feeds every platform in the world. We can take Onix, but in general, a standard spreadsheet is acceptable. Can we send it to you by Email ? Do we have to send you the books in PDF and ePub format ? Yes to both. Some channels want PDF, some want ePub.. it is quite a job for us to manage who gets what. How much publishers are are you working with ? Over 20 at this time (late 2013). Can you give me more information about your distribution, POD and Rights selling services. What kind of contract do you offer to publishers ? Can you show me an example ? R: It is a non-exclusive distribution agreement. Please email us for a copy. Do you accept books written in French ? Is there a market for French books in China and India ? R: My friend, that is the question. We can certainly put them into India and Taiwan, but mainland China will have issues with the censors reading them. I do notice that you have English books.. so maybe we can start with those. All our books are in Paper format (POD) and eBook format (PDF, ePub). We have more than 200 titles in our catalog… authors from Canada, United States, France, Belgium, Africa, Argentina and more countries. R: Great.. so let’s choose a couple to get the relationships started with, and let’s get started. Best! Robert – CEO

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