FW: Google Predicts 10 Billion mobile subscribers that will use their phones for 2/3 of all online commerce. Is your Digital Footprint Mobile Ready?

Robert’s Take Home: Have you called up your website on your smartphone? Do it. See what you learn. (If it isn’t mobile ready, you will know it right away and yes, we have a solution, see below). ——————————– Google predicts that there will be over 10 billion mobile subscribers by 2015, who will in turn use their phones to make two-thirds of all online purchases. ——————– If you are an author or publisher, have you inquired about how your sales channels deal with mobile? PODG and SBPRA and AMI are keenly aware of this huge change in the Internet and have started making all our author websites and our corporate sites mobile ready. We aren’t there yet, but we will be soon. —————– If your site(s) are not looking good on mobile, what do you do? You have to find a webmaster that ‘gets it’ and has already chosen templates and designs that are mobile friendly and mobile ready. This also means that the various ‘free’ website and hosting companies are NOT going to keep up. We have chosen to work with because they have done over 1000 author websites that work! Clearly there are a number of suppliers. Robert’s Take Home is to “just do it” and get ready. Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: Twitter: @Robert_CEO, CEO Blog:

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