You ARE Special, Jethro! – by Glynis Bloomfield and Tiana Torres-Thomas


Jethro is a little pony who feels useless, because all the other horses at Peter’s Pony Farm are ridden every day, but no one wants to ride him. The other animals, Chicken, Lamb and Cow, all tell him that he is special, but Jethro disagrees and has little self-esteem.

Until one day, a little neighbour girl named Jennifer starts to visit him. Peter, the owner of the pony farm, asks if she wants to ride Jethro, and he finally gets ridden! Then other children want to ride Jethro too and he realises that he is special after all.

The idea for this story came when co-author Glynis Bloomfield saw a pony on a cold, wet day looking sad and alone in a paddock. After her granddaughter, Tiana Torres-Thomas, visited a pony farm, You ARE Special, Jethro! was born.

This is Tiana’s first book and Glynis’ fifth book.

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Keywords:-Pony, Horse-Riding, Farm, Self-Esteem, Children, Animals, Happy.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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