William’s Troublesome Tongue – by Maureen Hinton


In this Read-to-you version, William is a young frog who lives on Blue Lily Pond, and he has a big problem. William has trouble catching bugs. William yearns to be as good at bug catching as all of the other frogs, so he goes off by himself to practice the art. During one of his practice sessions, William meets Rita, an unusually colored and very lonely dragonfly. William and Rita become fast friends who help each other survive and grow on Blue Lily Pond. Rita helps William learn to control his tongue, and William saves Rita from a threatening spider. In the end, William saves Rita’s life using the very tongue he earlier had trouble using. William’s Troublesome Tongue is a charming story of the power of friendship and the influence of compassion and generosity.

ISBN: 978-1-62516-976-1

Note: This is a Read-Aloud ePub (RAL-ePub) and has features that will read the text to children as they follow along. This type of ePub is distributed on iTunes and certain device specifications are required to use the reading feature. Please see the device and software requirements on the iTunes sales page.

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