Tommy and Jacqui : Laughing with Kookaburras – by Violet Apted

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Two adventurous cousins named Tommy and Jacqui are as close as any brother and sister, and share many fun times together. They live in a bayside town called Wynnum, near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.
The children are enthralled with the new tree house that Tommy’s father has built for them. The two eight-year-olds love playing in their hideaway, and are especially excited when they meet a family of kookaburras. The animals befriend the children, but most amazing of all, the kookaburras talk to the cousins, and teach them how to fly! Tommy and Jacqui have to promise never to reveal the kookaburras’ secrets.
Because of their newfound powers, the two are able to save some neighbourhood children when they are trapped in a house fire. Tommy and Jacqui: Laughing with Kookaburras is a truly unforgettable children’s book.

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Keywords:- Kookaburra (unique To Australia), Bird Song Sounds Like Laughter, Birds Befriend Tommy And Jacqui, Speaking To The Children, Flying, Treehouse, Adventure.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds.

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