Toby and the Pirates – by Shirley Coughlin

Each year, twelve-year-old Toby and his family holiday in Cornwall with Toby’s rather eccentric Aunty Sandra. Toby is obsessed with pirates! This year, Toby’s best friend, Thomas, accompanies the family on their holiday, and strange things begin to happen.

The boys suddenly find themselves transported back 300 years in time, where they meet up with the notorious Captain Jonas Black and his evil boatswain, Billhook, as well as a creepy little man who seems to shadow the boys’ every move in the present day.

Your whole family will enjoy Toby and the Pirates, featuring a pirate ship, scary caves, and Spanish doubloons. The story is fast moving with lots of twists and turns. Ahoy, matey!

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Keywords:- Pirates, Treasure, Caves, Pirate-ship, Time-vortex, Skeleton.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Magic.

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