The Uluru Adventure : Wicky Wacky Farm Series Book 4 – by Doreen Slinkard

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The Wicky Wacky Farm family takes a holiday into the centre of Australia in the fun new children’s book The Uluru Adventure: Wicky Wacky Farm Series Book 4.
Mother Dora, father Wally, and their children, Donny and Lulu, join some friends when they visit the scenic Outback at Uluru.
They have a fun time meeting all the people and animals living in such a different place and they learn about their much different lifestyle. Everyone gets to see world-famous events and icons at this special place in the heart of Australia.
At the very end of the holiday, under a full moon, the children sneak off during the night to meet with the Aboriginal spirit of Uluru. Or was their meeting just a dream? Find out for yourself in the wonderfully entertaining The Uluru Adventure

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Keywords:- Holiday, Adventure, Fun, Friends, Australia, Camels.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Family, General, People & Places,  Australia & Oceania.

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