The Three Little Green Pigs, LLC : A Recycling Pig Tale – by Richard Oldenburg


The Three Little Pigs go green in the updated children’s book The Three Little Green Pigs, LLC: A Recycling Pig Tale.

The descendants of the original Three Little Pigs are now in the construction business, building green homes out of recyclable materials.

A contest pits the pigs against one another and the winner will be able to build his home throughout the town. Using different recyclable materials, the winning pig must satisfy the city inspector (a descendant of the Big Bad Wolf!). The story ends with the wolf purchasing an ecological home that has several modern changes, and the winning pig hiring his two cousins. This is one home that no one can huff and puff and blow the house down!

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Keywords:-Descendant, Recycle, Construction, Inspector, Sawdust, Form, Important, Appeared, Ruin, Thunderstorm.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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