The Talented and Gifted : African Writers Series – by William Kosgei


Out of a small African village, rises a hero and sports legend. The Talented and Gifted: African Writers Series features a short story about a school boy who becomes a hero in the small town of Bamba.

In The Talented and Gifted, Kali loves storytelling. He used to listen closely to the wise words and advice of his grandfather. Kali works hard at school and has gained the respect of everyone he meets. The boy excels in academics and sports. One day while herding animals, Kali hears a woman shouting for help. Kali rescues her after she was bitten by a snake.

As a result, Kali is given a sports scholarship and is sent to Berlin to represent his country. Another boy and two local girls are also given scholarships, and the four set off for Europe, where they spark interest from researchers because of their athletic talent.

Doctors visit the village of Bamba to study the local foods. Will the researchers discover a source for why this village known for breeding champions is the home of The Talented and Gifted?

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Keywords:-Education, Competition, Hard Work, Gender, Equity, Superstitions, Team Work, Role Model.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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