The PYP Inquiry & Reflection Student Journal : A Personal guide for Curiosity, Reflection & Action! – by Lisa MacLeod, U.S.A.


Our comprehensive and unique PYP Student Reflection Journal was created by an experienced IB PYP Teacher. With Teachers and Students in mind, this easy to use journal features numbered, color and shape coded pages for easy reference. It also features official IB PYP Programme terminology alongside child friendly explanations. Our organized and self-guided PYP Student Reflection Journal offers an unparalleled learning opportunity.

A Note to PYP Coordinators: This book, along with PYP Terms Explained: An Easy Guide for IB Parents & Students,
is key to ensuring school wide terminology support, consistency, continuity, usage and understanding by teachers, students and parents alike.

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Keywords:- IB PYP, Reflection, Inquiry, Education, Learner Attitudes, Learner Profile Attributes.

Genres:- Children’s Books.

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