The Number Jungle – by Urbano Salvati

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The Number Jungle is a delightful story for young readers that takes place in a jungle full of numbers.

Enter this very noisy jungle, where numbers play together, learn games, and at times, even argue with each other,

But there’s a sad number in the group. The saddest of all is the number 0, who is afraid of being thrown out of the jungle because he thinks that he is nothing! Things change when 0 realizes how important he really is.

Readers will also meet Mr. Plus, Mr. Minus. Mrs. Geometry, and Mr. Equal. They know all the numbers and how they add up.

The Number Jungle introduces children to the beauty and magic of numbers.

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Keywords:- Jungle, Numbers, Parrott, Games, Number 0, Number 1, More Numbers, What happens when a number are together, Mr. Equal, Mr. Minus Mr. Plus Mrs. Geometry.

Genres:- Children’s Books.

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