The Misadventures of Cowhead: Cowhead’s Big Move – by Charlene Peterson


A little calf named Cowhead is forced to move to a new neighborhood, leaving behind all her friends. She is sad and lonely and is afraid of meeting new friends. What she later discovers is that meeting new friends can be a challenge, but can also be wonderful.

Cowhead meets mean Gloria Goose, who teases her about the size of her head. Then Dee Dee Duck becomes Cowhead’s best friend. Dee Dee teaches the calf that it really is OK to be different.

The Misadventures of Cowhead: Cowhead’s Big Move is author Charlene Peterson’s first children’s book. She is planning to continue a series of Cowhead stories as well as other children’s books, all with a learning theme.

Her young daughters’ antics motivated the author to begin the series and she envisions creating a plush doll to go with the books.

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