The Longest Walk – by Kirk Marty

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The Longest Walk takes the reader into every baseball fan’s ultimate fantasy: seeing the greatest players who ever lived play together when it really counts.

What if a Babe Ruth homerun could save a kid’s life? This question and others are answered when Don Ogilvie, a fifty-something boozy minor league hitting coach, makes a deal with Death.

He bargains to trade his life for that of his best friend, Roberto, a terminally ill seven-year-old. But first, the alcoholic coach must win the really big one. Ogilvie’s “challenge” is to manage a team of dead Hall of Famers against a powerful squad fielded by Death Personified and captained by the bitter and bigoted Ty Cobb. This “other World(ly) Series” takes place at a venue called Limbotown.

Baseball becomes a metaphor for the road of life, with all its twists, turns and unexpected pitfalls. There’s no game in the world that lends itself more to drama, humor, and magic than baseball. The Longest Walk is “Damn Yankees,” “Field of Dreams,” and “Rocky” combined. You will love it!

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