The Little Wave : An Adventure in Earthly Care — Part One – by Stephen Lamoreaux

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Even a small change can have big effects in the world around us. In the ecological children’s book The Little Wave: An Adventure in Earthly Care – Part One, we learn how.

A little wave is born in a pond and living a happy life, when a truck appears one day and sprays the surrounding fields causing the environment around the pond to change. The little wave does not understand why, until a duck passes by and explains what has happened and how everyone, especially children, must learn to change their behavior or nature will continue to be negatively affected.

The little wave commits to finding children and to teach them how pollution impacts the environment. The wave travels down a brook and into a stream in search of children to educate. Along the way it meets creatures that explain other forms of abuse.

The wave represents an innocent and natural element of the Earth. It finds a way to teach us that polluting the planet does not come without consequences, but even small changes in behavior can make a positive difference.

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Keywords:- Ittle, Wave, Environment, Protection, Earthly Care, Pollution, Adventure.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Science & Technology, Ecology, General.

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