The Little Dragon’s Rescue – by Lynne Pickering

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Mary-Jane and Samantha live near an enchanted forest. Lulu, a fairy friend, asks for their help in rescuing a little dragon after a wicked witch has captured him.

The girls have an exciting adventure as they attempt The Little Dragon’s Rescue. With the help of fairies, a unicorn, and magic spells, they set the little dragon free from the wicked witch.

The adventure ends happily with an enchanted forest picnic of strawberries and cream and pink lemonade. Are there more adventures in store for the girls and the little dragon?

Other fairy stories in the series are The Magic Doorway and The Rainbow Fairy, which complete the wonderful set.

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Keywords:- Dragon, Fairy Princess, Unicorn, Enchanted forest, Magic spells, Good fairies.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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