The Legend of the Wishing Pearl – by Urbano Salvati


A master storyteller is at work here.

Urbano Salvati presents his latest book, The Legend of the Wishing Pearl.

In it, a beautiful young Japanese young girl named Orica lives in a small fishing village. Orica’s heart is full of love and she adores everyone and everything around her. The story enfolds from when she was very young and loved her garden, to when she started school and had to learn to deal with bullies.

The cherry blossom story is a famous Japanese fairy tale. As Orica grows up, she learns about the mysteries of the sea and why her father always gave thanks at the end of every fishing trip. She learns how to play the flute and enjoys playing for the dolphins on the beach.

One day Orica learns of a sad and impossible situation. Because of her love for life and her act of kindness, she was presented the greatest gift of all: the sea. A wise old man explains to her the true story behind The Legend of the Wishing Pearl.

Children will be transported to another time and place; that of an enchanting little Japanese village where love is king and miracles do happen.

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