The Discovery of Duck Nation – by David Driscoll


A lost duckling gets found by Blackberry and Blueberry. Blackberry is a berry full of life. She has a marvelous sense of leadership and a caring mind. Blueberry is her loyal pal and he will follow her anywhere. Their friends are Strawberry and Huckleberry, who like to hang around. All the berries love adventure and have a fascination with technological gadgets.

After spotting an island at the bottom of the hill, Blackberry and Blueberry decide to venture over to see what’s lurking in the trees. There is plenty of noise and squawking, and all sorts of commotion. It’s a duck meeting!

The berries spot all kinds of ducks playing with their high-tech gadgets, including a blue hairy duck, a spotty duck, a duck with fangs, and even a duck with a helmet. They begin quacking like crazy at the intruding berries and chase them off the island.

But Blackberry and Blueberry have the lost duckling to deliver, so they head back to the ducks’ party and end up being treated like heroes. Duck Nation is the place to be!

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Keywords:- Worm, Insect, Umbrella, Fruit, Lazy, Journey, Adventure, Mystery, Quest, Mind Blowing, Talent, Surprise, Wonderful, Exciting, Smart, Snazzy, Dapper, Flash.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction.

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