The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout – by John Rowe


All children love solving puzzles and mysteries. In The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout, their brains will be put to the test, as the great bloodhound detective Inspector Sniffabout is called on to unravel all kinds of strange events and happenings.

The book is designed to undertake two important experiences in children’s development. First, it encourages young children to read, but in an entertaining and fun way. Second, it allows them to use their powers of deduction, as they try to work out the mysteries Inspector Sniffabout has to solve.

Each story in the book is a self-contained mystery, which gives children the opportunity of playing detective, to try and work out what is going on, and to see if they can guess how Inspector Sniffabout will solve the case. Each story is also accompanied by a series of beautiful colour illustrations, which enhance the easy-to-read text.

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Keywords:-Detective, Dog, Mysteries, Lion, Bloodhound, Moles, Clocks.

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