The Adventures of Kaptain Kristian – by Sheryl Salmon


It all started out as a game that Kristy-Ann played with her friends in Sunday school. It was a game that involved her making some very special armor out of cardboard. Each week she made a new piece of the armor as instructed by her Sunday school teacher. As Kristy-Ann started to wear her armor, something miraculous happened. Kristy-Ann began to transform from a little girl into Kaptain Kristian, a mighty warrior in the army of the Almighty Protector.

Join Kristy-Ann on a captivating adventure as she discovers how to use the armor of God in her everyday life. Based on Ephesians 6:13 – 17, this tale will help children discover the importance of fighting the enemy with God’s power and protection.

Will she ever overcome the evil Dark Invader’s sinister advances?

If she takes off any part of the armor, will it make a difference in her fight against the enemy?

Can a little girl triumph in the face of evil?

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Keywords:- Armor, God, Children, Sword, Shield, Courage, Fear.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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