The Magical Travels of Abra the Elephant- by Liz Winstanley


Abra is an ugly, wrinkled old elephant who recaptures his youth with the aid of a wise and powerful magic carpet named Khalid. With Khalid, Abra is able to journey all over the world, and even back in time. As he travels, Abra meets many of his relatives and ancestors in various roles: the parades of the Maharajas, the circus, and even the war elephants used by General Hannibal.
Eventually Abra journeys to Africa where he is confronted firsthand with the cruelty of ruthless poachers and the sad plight of his fellow elephants, who are hunted for their tusks. However Abra also discovers the relief organizations that rescue orphaned elephants and help protect them in the wild.
As Abra continues on his journey, Zahmoodi, the magician who the magic carpet Khalid was stolen from, pursues him at every step. Will Abra and Khalid be able to escape the clutches of the evil Zahmoodi and bring aid to the elephants around the world who are in need? Find out in The Magical Travels of Abra the Elephant, a fantastic tale that brings light to the plight of elephants everywhere

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Keywords:-Elephants, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Elephant Skills. Elephant Awareness.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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