Tales from Down on the Farm : Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children – by Lesley Glover


Each short story in Tales from Down on the Farm: Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children is told from the prospective of a small cat called Bo, who discovers as he grows up that life is not only full of surprises, but is also full of problems that must be solved.

With the help of his own observations and those of other animals on the farm, Bo learns to experience and adapt to the ups and downs of life, which makes him more confident and self-assured.

Interactions with his friends help Bo understand that we are all different, which enables him to look at things differently. Within each story of the book, there is a problem or obstacle that Bo has to recognize and find a way to overcome.

Children reading these stories may recognize their own situation and realize that there is always a way around problems! As young readers begin to come up with their own solutions, their own levels of self-esteem and confidence will also rise, right along with Bo!

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Keywords:-Cat, Confidence, Anxiety, Fears, Encouragement, Learning, Positivity

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