Stay : The Search Begins – by Ian Newbegin


This extraordinary sci-fi novel considers the possibilities of mind travel to other planets. Stay: All Is Not What It Seems opens the Pandora’s Box of what could happen if our minds held the power to transport us through space.

Frank Melton is upset when he hears one of his fellow mind-traveling operatives is a criminal, so he decides to take time off to think about his future. He is then asked to go to the planet Tishog to save, Tim, a fellow operative. Tim had set into motion a plan to unite the two classes of people living on Tishog, but became a victim of his own plan, and found himself unable to return to Earth and his own body.

After rescuing Tim, both are invited to visit the planet Mador, to help retrieve a component of the mind control device. After finding only a fake component, they end up back on Tishog looking for the device. It is believed the component is being held by a leader of the revolution wanting to unity the planet. The operatives join the cause, but have to fight other operatives who are also looking for the component.

The novel continues with other exciting missions that challenge the future of mind travel.

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