Snuggle Up : A Selection of Children’s Stories – by Anne Mackeown


Snuggle Up is a selection of five children’s stories that will delight young readers. They will take children on a journey rich in fantasy, fun, and adventure. Some have a subtle life lesson, while others are pure escapism.

Peter’s picnic in the country: Peter is a city car, very shiny and fast but he is tired of the city, its pollution and traffic, and longs for a country break.

A strange week in the jungle: Three jungle friends are not happy with the way they look, so they ask Madame Gazelle at the jungle beauty salon to give them a magic potion to change their appearances.

A race to remember: In the old wild West, a horse race takes place between two cousins who both have a lot at stake.

Send me a smile: This fantasy is about a sad old man who is helped by little aliens called “Fungalots,”

The dream flowers: Learn the secret of where dreams come from.

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