Simbaly Sram – by Walter Miranda

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Follow Elisa through the cities of Brazil as she sets out to find the mysterious stranger from her dream. Her determination to find this man quickly becomes an obsession. Elisa, joined by her sidekick Luciana, journeys from Sao Carlos to Sao Paulo and further to Paraiso. With each stop along the way, she meets bizarre yet intriguing characters who provide direction and even supernatural powers to guide her.

When Elisa’s powers lead them to Gilberto, a flight school student, his charm takes her by surprise. Both girls put up their guards knowing there is more to Gilberto than what meets the eye. Then, just when Elisa begins to believe she has finally found the man she has been seeking, he unexpectedly disappears.

Will Elisa’s powers finally guide her to the man of her dreams or will this rollercoaster journey be in vain?

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Keywords:- Galia, Garca, Tupan, Juliania, Agudos, Jau, Samaro.

Genres:- Fiction, General.

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