More Cats Tails: The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy – by Derek T. Morgan


Welcome once again to Rommy and Reemy’s world, where love, honour, and friendship abound in warm and fuzzy tales of derring-do, as these twin kittens push the boundaries of feline knowledge to the limit! Each chapter in the fun-filled children’s book More Cats Tails (The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy) presents a separate adventure with its own conclusion. Kids twelve and older can explore the crazy world of these very special kittens and their friends, when they interact with the other animals they meet and deal with the consequences of their actions. Loyalty and honour are paramount in these curious kittens’ lives.And there is usually a happy ending, even if it is not quite what you expect…

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Keywords:- Twin Kittens, Animal Adventures, Love, Honour, Cats.


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