Liberty – by Rita Chapman


A human child named Liberty is brought into a world ruled by vampires when she and her mother are captured from their human settlement and held in an enclosure.

Liberty’s mother teaches her about the various races of Earth Carers, called Dwellers, during their long nights of captivity. She is also educated with the other children on how to behave and survive in the vampire world. During the final Life Role ceremony, she is given as a gift to David, son of the ruling emperor. Liberty becomes part of the royal family and makes many friends, including Forest Dweller Mia and Theo, a Mountain Dweller, who were both infused when they were young and are now vampires.

She blossoms within the castle and eventually she and Prince David develop a relationship. Liberty believes she has her own inner strength and powers of protection, and can sense the thoughts of those around her. She also begins to develop a relationship with an ancient power that lives within the basement of the castle, a secret she is unwilling to share with anyone.

Some think Liberty is part of an ancient prophesy, foretelling of the long-awaited child of freedom. She is given instructions by an ancient sorceress who visits her in her dreams. But she is also in constant danger from the vampires who still regard humans as nothing but food, and by those who would stop her from fulfilling the prophecy.

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Keywords:- Inner Strength, Darkness, Love, Survival, Endurance, Vampire, Demon, Celtic Castle, Earth Carers.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction.

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