Dream Watchman: Rise of the Three-Headed Dragon; Book II – Tina Roberts


Emily Rollins and the Sword of Raywood returns in the Dream Watchman sequel Rise of the Three-Headed Dragon. Her mission; to unlock the power of Blue Hydra Dragon Inspiration before the hope chest key falls into the hands of wicked Dream Watchman.

A race against time sweeps Emily to the Jeweled City by the Black Sea. She faces detrimental events spiraling into dream worlds that threaten her through paranormal experiences.

A pack of vicious wolves seeks to destroy her life and will stop at nothing until Emily falls. She must not plunge into the pit of captivity, but make her way back to friends waiting on the other side of dreams.

Join her candid fight for survival to stop the floodgates of evil from pouring darkness onto the world. Emily must reach the dragon first, before its power is unleashed to the Dream Watchman. If she is defeated, evil will prevail and she may never be able to return to the world she knows as home.

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Keywords:- Fantasy-Fiction, Magical, Dragons, Adventure, Supernatural, Trilogy, Legendary, Magic, Phenomena, Other-Worlds.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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