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You ARE Special, Jethro! - by Glynis Bloomfield and Tiana Torres-Thomas

BloomfieldCoverWebJethro is a little pony who feels useless, because all the other horses at Peter’s Pony Farm are ridden every day, but no one wants to ride him. The other animals, Chicken, Lamb and Cow, all tell him that he is special, but Jethro disagrees and has little self-esteem. Until one day, a little neighbour More Info »
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What Makes the Thunder? - by Karen Mc Naughton

McNaughton Cover WebDo you know what makes the thunder? As a little boy plays in his room, a storm rages outside. When a loud crack of thunder sends him running to his mum in the kitchen, it begins his journey through the house to various family members for the answer to the question, “What makes the thunder?” More Info »
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Trains : Safe and Sound - by Julie Chatton

9781606933077 Chatton CV 111313Trains, Safe and Sound is a superbly informative book for children. In this age of rush, rush and our intricate transit system, author Julie Chatton has written a book that teaches children valuable safety tips regarding the transport system that moves our country and its people daily throughout the world. Chatton not only teaches children More Info »
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Tommy and Jacqui : Laughing with Kookaburras - by Violet Apted

Apted Cover WebTwo adventurous cousins named Tommy and Jacqui are as close as any brother and sister, and share many fun times together. They live in a bayside town called Wynnum, near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The children are enthralled with the new tree house that Tommy’s father has built for them. The two eight-year-olds love playing More Info »
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Things We Should All Know About Dragons - by Leonard Ericks

9781606935057_Cover.inddA spellbinding tale of a wise and friendly dragon as he sits down to write a special incantation to all children and reveal the magnifi cent true nature of dragons in, What We Should All Know About Dragons. To All Children: I admit that dragons can be very scary at times. They roar and laugh More Info »
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The Rainbow Fairy - by Lynne Pickering

PickeringWebCoverA wicked witch captures the Rainbow Fairy, intending to exchange her for the unicorn’s powers, which would allow the witch to be able to fly unseen without her broomstick! Kate, a friend of the fairies, comes up with a scheme to defeat the wicked witch. Kate and the fairies set a trap for the witch’s More Info »
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The Misadventures of Hershey & Rolo and the Broken Flowerpot - by Wanda J. Dailey

DaileyCoverWebThe wonderful children’s book The Misadventures of Hershey & Rolo and the Broken Flowerpot describes the relationship of a dog and a cat who just happen to be best friends. Their story describes the unique and unlikely bond between the animals that tests them at every turn, even when a flowerpot is broken. It’s also More Info »
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The Misadventures of Cowhead: Cowhead's Big Move - by Charlene Peterson

PetersonCoverWebA little calf named Cowhead is forced to move to a new neighborhood, leaving behind all her friends. She is sad and lonely and is afraid of meeting new friends. What she later discovers is that meeting new friends can be a challenge, but can also be wonderful. Cowhead meets mean Gloria Goose, who teases More Info »
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The Little Seagull - by Tanina Wings

Wings-Cover-WebJoin a family of seagulls, as your little ones learn what it’s like to fly with gulls who are testing their wings for the first time. The Little Seagull is a charming children’s story about a young seagull who cannot wait to grow up and be just like his Dad. He has to learn about More Info »
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The Little Dragon’s Rescue - by Lynne Pickering

Pickering Cover Web 1201x1215Mary-Jane and Samantha live near an enchanted forest. Lulu, a fairy friend, asks for their help in rescuing a little dragon after a wicked witch has captured him. The girls have an exciting adventure as they attempt The Little Dragon’s Rescue. With the help of fairies, a unicorn, and magic spells, they set the little More Info »
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The Halloween Ball - by Irma Jamison

JamisonCoverWebThe Halloween Ball is truly a Halloween treat. Mary wants to attend her school’s Halloween dance at Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School. She’s a normal, ordinary teenager, but has difficulty asking her father about attending school functions. A protective dad, he can’t accept that his daughter is now a teenager and needs autonomy. Her mother knows More Info »
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The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout - by John Rowe

Rowe-Cover-WebAll children love solving puzzles and mysteries. In The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout, their brains will be put to the test, as the great bloodhound detective Inspector Sniffabout is called on to unravel all kinds of strange events and happenings. The book is designed to undertake two important experiences in children's development. First, it encourages More Info »
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The Adventures of Pussy Whoosie - by Marion Duthie

Duthie Cover WebPussy Whoosie is a mischievous but lovable cat who lives in a house next to a garden with Mr. Hoppity, her owner. Pussy Whoosie likes to be in charge of everything that happens in the house and garden, which often leads to her getting into trouble! In the first of the three stories in this More Info »
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Tales from Down on the Farm : Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children - by Lesley Glover

Glover-Cover-WebEach short story in Tales from Down on the Farm: Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children is told from the prospective of a small cat called Bo, who discovers as he grows up that life is not only full of surprises, but is also full of problems that must be solved. With the help of his More Info »
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Sweet Baby’s Fun Months of the Year - by Sheila L. Morris

MorrisCoverWeb_newSweet Baby’s Fun Months of the Year explores all the months and what “Sweet Baby” does during each of those twelve months. Learn about the seasons of the year and the important holidays that we celebrate. This fun children’s book also introduces ordinal numbers that are just “tons of fun.” Buy the B&N ePub version More Info »
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Stories And Poetry In Motion - by Peter Knoester

9781609763596-KnoesterPeter_webIf you love children, watching them play and hearing their yells and screams that go with their chase can take you back to your own childhood. In his newest anthology, Peter Knoester writes poems that will take his readers back to those days of carefree play. “Children love to learn about things at an early More Info »
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Socket, Where Are You? : A Story About Seven Cottage Dogs - by Jude Leonard and Larraine Buswell

LeonardCoverWebSeven dogs, all with widely different personalities and characteristics, live at Ruishton Cottage. When they are called to dinner one evening, only six dogs show up. Socket is missing! She was last seen chasing two wild rabbits. Where could Socket have gone? She never misses a meal! Her cottage kennel mates set out to find More Info »
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Peaches The Private Eye Poodle : Where Is Loosey Goosey? - by Patricia D. Hamilton

Hamilton Cover WebPeaches is a family pet poodle who has great powers to find things when no one else can. In Where Is Loosey Goosey?, Peaches’ best friend Maggie, asks Peaches to help her find her favorite toy, Loosey Goosey. Maggie lost Loosey at a local lake when they were out walking the day before. Since Peaches More Info »
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Peaches the Private Eye Poodle : The Missing Muffin Caper - by Patricia D. Hamilton

9781631350108-Hamilton-Cover-WebPeaches is a family pet poodle who has great powers to find things when no one else can. In The Missing Muffin Caper, Peaches is asked by her dog neighbor Jill to help find Jill’s sister, Muffin. She seems to be lost and no one can locate her. Because it’s important to help neighbors, Peaches More Info »
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Peaches the Private Eye Poodle : Finding Foster a Home - by Patricia D. Hamilton

Foster Cover WebPeaches is a family pet poodle who has great powers to find things when no one else can. In Finding Foster a Home, Foster’s family moved and couldn’t take him along. He is put up for adoption and luckily is staying at Peaches’ Doggie DayCare until a new family can be found. Peaches puts on her More Info »
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