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Manner-Man - by Sherrill S. Cannon

Cannon Cover Web“I am strong, and my flash is bright,And I will defend you and make things all right.” These are the magic words to call upon Manner-Man – a superhero who can help control bullies and teach children ways to be considerate of others. Manner-Man arrives, shouting “To the Rescue”, helping children learn about sharing and More Info »
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Lizzie Goes To Tea - by Rosemary Smith

Smith Cover WebWhat happens when the neighborhood lizard crashes a tea party? In the fun new children’s book Lizzie Goes to Tea, Lizzie Lizard sees all the colorful decorations going up for a backyard tea party at the house where her family lives. She wants to attend so badly, but her mother says it’s rude to go More Info »
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Little Stories for Little People - by John Rowe

RoweCoverWebLittle Stories for Little People is a pre-school children’s book consisting of twelve short stories. This delightful book encourages young children to use their minds to solve a problem or a mystery. The aim is to introduce children to reading, but in a fun and entertaining way. Each story is wonderfully illustrated with colourful drawings More Info »
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Little Jakey : Book 1: Little Jakey’s House - by Richard Edgley

EdgleyCoverWebLittle Jakey, the greatest black panther of all time, has ventured deeper into the rainforest alone in search of adventure and excitement. Jakey finds himself in need of a house, but not just any home! He is searching for the best place he can possibly find. Finally, Jakey finds the perfect place, and all that’s More Info »
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Just Friends - by Mac McClellan

McClellan-Cover-WebMrs. Chicken is looking for Mr. Chicken, but if she leaves the farm, the gate will lock and she won’t be able to get back in. Mr. Lion is hungry and has to decide which one of his friends he will eat. The farm animals are in a contest to see who will be the More Info »
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Jerome, the Short-Necked Giraffe - by Urbano Salvati

SalvatiCoverWebThe grassland savannas of Africa where wild animals roam is the setting for this thoroughly delightful children’s story. Jerome, the Short-Necked Giraffe is the main character, but whoever heard of a short-necked giraffe? What’s more important to a giraffe than to have a beautiful long neck, which allows him/her to eat leaves and fruit from More Info »
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James and the Naughty Seagull - by Lynne Pickering

Pickering-Cover-WebJames is the littlest bear of three bears in his family. He tends to tell stories to get attention, so no one believes anything he says. When he really does have an adventure with a naughty seagull, no one believes him until the seagull is injured. It is up to James to come to the More Info »
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Is It You? - by Lynne Pickering

Pickering-Cover-WebVisit a farm and learn about all the animals you can find there in this delightful children’s book written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering.   When Jane hears a strange noise on the farm, she wants to find out which animal is responsible! On her way to find out “who done it,” she learns about More Info »
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I Am a Squirmy Wormy - by Robin A. Knaggs

O'Kane(Knaggs)_Cover_Web 1201x1235I Am a Squirmy Wormy is the simple story of how one little girl wiggles through the events of her day. In fact, she wiggles and squirms so much that her grandmother named this book after her! “My granddaughter Bailey would not sit still while being changed and dressed. So I started calling her a More Info »
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Hugs for Henrietta - by Dr. Dee

ShepardCoverWebTimes are hard for Natalie and JB. Their Dad has been laid off and Mom doesn’t have much sewing to do that will help with expenses. Natalie confides that there will be no Christmas presents this year to her favorite hen, Henrietta. But never fear, magic is at work and all the hens are ready More Info »
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Good Morning, Day - by Julie Chatton

ChattonCoverWebGood Morning, Day! Children should greet each day with wonder, because anything is possible when a new day starts. First the sun comes up, and then it’s time to wash up, dress, and eat breakfast. If you start off the day right and welcome the new opportunities that come your way, wonderful things can happen. More Info »
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Foolish Fish and Wise Monkey - by Tshabang Tlalanyane

TlalanyaneCoverWeb_newThe story Foolish Fish and Wise Monkey is folklore set in a wildlife environment depicting a community where people of different cultures live together. Within these cultures, a friendship develops between a young fish and a young monkey. The consequences of their friendship come at the expense of not following parental advice and guidance, which More Info »
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Eucalypt Stew - by David J. McMullen

McMullen-Cover-Web_newSleep – Eat – Sleep: Ah! The life of a koala. Native to Australia, these cute, cuddly little creatures spend most of their time high up in the branches of a Eucalyptus tree. Koalas sleep most of the time, only waking to munch on the leaves of the Eucalypt trees. Eucalyptus leaves contain Eucalyptus oil More Info »
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Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window - by Barbara J. Meredith

MeredithCoverWeb-Outside Our WindowDaisy and Friends Outside Our Window is a rhyming story for toddlers and pre-kindergarteners about the changing seasons. It’s written from inside the house window looking out, as seen by Daisy the cat, and her three dog friends, Smokie, Rocky, and H-Dee. What do the friends see, when the colorful seasons change from winter to More Info »
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Cooee the Good Pony and Little Brown Dog - by Lynne Pickering

PickeringCoverWebGet ready for an Australian adventure! Cooee is a spotted pony who has a heart of gold. Curious and adventurous, he has rescued a lot of people. The pony possesses sharp hearing and a great sense of direction while finding his way. He becomes a local hero and is loved by everyone for his brave More Info »
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Bella's Marigold Cake - by Christine Wheeler

Wheeler-Cover-WebA Poignant Story about a Little Girl’s Capacity for Love and Forgiveness Bella’s Marigold Cake is a story that you will treasure and read to your children over and over again. Are there lessons you’d like your children to learn about love, compassion and the ability to forgive? Author Christine Wheeler has woven a special More Info »
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Behind the Mask - A Magical Scarecrow's Purim Adventure - by Auntie Lynn

Santer Purim Cover-WebFollowing on from “The Israeli Magical Scarecrow’s Chanukah Adventure”, Jaffa, the Israeli Magical Scarecrow, and his friend Moshe the mule decide to join in the Purim festivities. Jaffa sets about making a mask so none of the grown ups will discover his true – secret – identity and heads towards the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. More Info »
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Award Winning Children's e-Books Sampler - by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co.

Children Cover WebDo you ever get tired of spending hours reading through brief descriptions of e-books on sales sites, looking for a good one, only to find that after you bought one it was not as good as the description led you to believe? To help make your life a little easier, we have put together this More Info »
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A Dragon Called Wilbur : How a Fire-Breathing Dragon Made Friends - by Bronwyn Heeney

Heeney Cover Web 1200x1200Long ago in a land far away, in an age when people believed in magic, there lived A Dragon Called Wilbur. Now Wilbur was a very lonely dragon, because everyone was afraid of him. What could Wilbur possibly do to make friends? This lonely dragon believes that if he can alter his behaviour and convince More Info »
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