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Storm Clouds over Mountain View Middle School - By Dave Potter

9781612045030-PotterCoverWeb“Robert, what will you bring and give to others in this school?” When the principal of his new school asks him this question on his first day, Robert isn’t sure how to answer. School has always meant bad grades and getting picked on for Robert. But maybe it will be different this time. Maybe he More Info »
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Revenge of the Cannibal Chickens - by Gavin Lihou

Lihou Cover WebRevenge of the Cannibal Chickens is a roller coaster of hilarity, as two chooks, Dougy and Dermot, hit the road in search of the true meaning of a chicken’s existence. Driven to the egging of the century by a sadistic farmer, Dougy and Dermot steal his truck and take to the highway in search of More Info »
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Reilly After The Storm - by T.G. Sampson

9781618978745-Perfect.inddBorn in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, Reilly After the Storm is an adventurous novel that begins in the past, yet hurtles toward the future at a fast pace. Reilly is not a normal dog by any means. Torn from her roots deep in the Louisiana farming country as a puppy, whisked away to strange More Info »
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Oscar's Way - by Elizabeth Mellor

9781612040264-OscarFrontCover-WebOscar's Way by Elizabeth Mellor is a book of adventure and fun that captivates the reader. Entertaining for young and old, the imagination is taken on a journey through the Australian bush with characters that inspire and touch you with their charisma and simplicity. Oscar is a blue tongue lizard who doesn’t fit in with More Info »
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Orchestra in Our Brain : The Story of a Child with Epilepsy - by Cynthia Fabian

Fabian Cover WebRobert, a five-year-old with epilepsy, has a seizure at school. The students don’t understand what a seizure is all about, and one child even makes fun of Robert. To make Robert and the other students understand what happened, the Coach gives the children a lesson in music, describing it as an Orchestra in Our Brain. More Info »
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Oh, Dear ! - by Peggy Lincoln

Lincoln Cover WebOh, Dear! What will they do? The characters in this imaginative children’s book are either animals or humans who face an imminent dilemma. How they choose to manage the problem is up to them. They might worry about it. They might blame others (but they don’t). Instead, they analyze the situation, and each comes up More Info »
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My Sanctuary A Place I Call Home Keepers of the Wild - by Doreen Ingram

IngramCoverWebElvis, a maneless African lion, tells the story of his life performing in a big cat show. Kept caged when not performing, Elvis and the other big cats are about to leave their cages to now roam a natural enclosure they will call home. “When I shot a documentary at Keepers of the Wild for More Info »
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Moore Field School and the Mystery - by Liam Moiser

MoiserCoverWebMoore Field School and the Mystery is the start of an exciting children’s series featuring Samantha, whose parents teach at her school, Moore Field School in Manchester, England. Her best friend is Jessica. But Moore Field School is about to close down. At the last minute, the headmistress, Miss Moore, moves the school to Lakeview, More Info »
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Mom, I Love Spaghetti - by Gary W.Fort

MomILoveSpaghetti PosterIn this wonderful and heartfelt collection of children’s poetry, Gary W. Fort captures the experiences of growing up. Mom, I Love Spaghetti includes poems about dreams, fear of the dark, bedtime, playing baseball, and eating pizza and popcorn.  Every child will identity with these universally-themed poems and parents will delight in the high-quality, evocative writing. More Info »
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Molly’s Secret Garden : In the Beginning - by Victor Nelson

NelsonCoverWebMolly’s Secret Garden: In the Beginning takes young readers on an amazing journey back in time to the beginning of creation. Molly is a young girl who lives in the big city. She has a dream to build a secret flower garden on the roof of her apartment building, but Molly is faced with many More Info »
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Luddy, the Teaching Cat - by Jack Given, short for Ludwig van Beethoven, is a pure white, blue-eyed cat. And like his famous namesake, he is deaf. Aimed at children in grades three to six, Luddy teaches kids that his deafness is genetic. He tells about his adventures with his adopted family, takes us with him on a Stay-cation, and introduces his More Info »
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Long Trip Home : Standup Paddleboard Fantasy - by Robert Temple Frost

Frost Cover WebAkoni and Micah are two brothers who live in Lahaina, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Akoni is the older and has a standup paddleboard that Micah likes to ride on while his brother paddles. After teaching Micah to paddle, Akoni has an idea to modify an ocean-going kayak into a standup paddle kayak so More Info »
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Little Jakey : Book 1: Little Jakey’s House - by Richard Edgley

EdgleyCoverWebLittle Jakey, the greatest black panther of all time, has ventured deeper into the rainforest alone in search of adventure and excitement. Jakey finds himself in need of a house, but not just any home! He is searching for the best place he can possibly find. Finally, Jakey finds the perfect place, and all that’s More Info »
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Kylie Gets a Cochlear Implant - by Marilyn C. Rose

Rose Cover WebKylie Gets a Cochlear Implant is the heartwarming story of a little girl who loses her hearing and is heartbroken about the things she believes she can no longer do. Kylie loves to dance, but fears that without hearing the music, she won’t be able to feel the beat or the rhythm. She is very More Info »
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Keltian’s Warriors: The End’s Beginning - Book One of the Keltian Trilogy - by Michael Soliday

SolidayCoverWeb-NewThe day started out as just another day at a junior high in Winterset, Iowa. But that normal day ended with an apocalyptic invasion by the alien Reficulians. Eleven-year-old Derrick, the main character and narrator, survived the first day through a fluke in alien technology. Not knowing if it was just Winterset that was attacked More Info »
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Jeremy’s Mom - by Lisa A. Dunn

Dunn Cover WebJeremy has a problem. He doesn't want teachers and classmates at his new school to meet his mom. A rather large scar on her face embarrasses him. Will things change when Jeremy's dad reveals the origin of his mother's scar? Jeremy’s Mom follows the life of a middle school student for a day. Jeremy’s mother More Info »
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Jake and the PB’s - by Glynis Bloomfield

Bloomfield-Cover-WebSet in a small Australian farming town on the edge of a national park, Jake and the PB’s is an exciting tale of adventure for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years. A sequel to the ever-popular Jake’s Secret, the book tells the story of Jake and his best mate, Sam, More Info »
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In That Land There Are Giants - by Gary Allison Powell

Powell Cover WebA child’s innocence and curiosity can push beyond the walls of fear and uncover exciting mysteries. In a faraway land, young Jacob discovers a surprising truth when he ventures to a place he has been warned about.  The place where people say, “In that land there are giants.” With stunning illustrations and a timeless message, More Info »
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Ian, CEO, North Pole - by Eric Dana Hansen

Hansen Cover WebEarly in his career at the North Pole, Ian is unaware of the impact that Christmas and Santa Claus have on the citizens of the world. However, he soon finds out that it really doesn’t matter what country you call you own or whether you practice a religion, or not. It’s likely that you’ll find More Info »
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Hugs for Henrietta - by Dr. Dee

ShepardCoverWebTimes are hard for Natalie and JB. Their Dad has been laid off and Mom doesn’t have much sewing to do that will help with expenses. Natalie confides that there will be no Christmas presents this year to her favorite hen, Henrietta. But never fear, magic is at work and all the hens are ready More Info »
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