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When I Dream - by Robin Landry

9781612040851-Landry Cover WebOpen these pages to endless worlds of wonder and amazement. From ancient legends and mysteries from the far reaches of history, to modern twists on classic tales, and challenging information about the world around us, When I Dream is a collection of poems that inspires and teaches as it entertains. Sure to become a favorite More Info »
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What In Creation Is Going On Here - by Philip Bruce Heywood

Heywood-Cover-WebThis book speaks of the book written in stone beneath our feet as it was read by geologists. It explains why there is a great puzzle about the meaning of the book of stone. It also explains why there is a great puzzle about parts of the book of books – the Bible. It brings More Info »
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Treasure of the Blue Mountain - by Colbby

Colby Cover-WebAfter visiting an auction Kevin and Ella discover a map in an old account book.  They have to follow the clues that could lead them to treasure, but someone else is also on the trail.  Who are they and how did they get to know? Back at their aunt’s house, Kevin has to make a More Info »
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Those Five Kids - by Marlon Cozier

9781628572308-Cozier_CV.inddSecrets are meant to be kept secret! Just before he begins fourth grade, Frankie Bennett goes to Sea Sight Elementary School to get ready for the new school year. After picking up his class schedule, he overhears a woman in the school lobby talking to her son about finding a student there named Joey Fallon. More Info »
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The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear : The Stories Begin - by Glen E. Robinson

9781628579949_Robinson_CV_060415.aiIn this first book of a new children’s book series, The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear: Stories Begin, a little girl named Kristi receives a Teddy bear for Christmas. She loves the bear so much and hugs him so tightly that one of his eyes pops out, rolls under the Christmas tree and is lost. Teddy More Info »
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The Uncivil War : Battle in the classroom - by Nick K. Adams

Adams Cover WebMorgan Huddleston and Jeremy Wiggins have shared a classroom for three years, disliking each other the whole time and always in constant competition. Then a fourth grade social studies assignment reveals they are directly connected by tragic events that occurred 150 years earlier. Morgan and Jeremy contact their relatives and learn they both had a More Info »
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The Talented and Gifted : African Writers Series - by William Kosgei

Kosgei-Cover-WebOut of a small African village, rises a hero and sports legend. The Talented and Gifted: African Writers Series features a short story about a school boy who becomes a hero in the small town of Bamba. In The Talented and Gifted, Kali loves storytelling. He used to listen closely to the wise words and More Info »
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The Secret of Ellis Meadow - by Frankie Telfer Caird

Caird Cover WebTrudy Peterson is forced to move to the country with her mother after her grandfather’s death. A normal twelve-year-old girl, she has no idea she is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. When Trudy discovers The Secret of Ellis Meadow with the aid of a map, an ancient timepiece, and the More Info »
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The Longest Walk - by Kirk Marty

9781609116613 Grossman CV 17022011.inddThe Longest Walk takes the reader into every baseball fan’s ultimate fantasy: seeing the greatest players who ever lived play together when it really counts. What if a Babe Ruth homerun could save a kid’s life? This question and others are answered when Don Ogilvie, a fifty-something boozy minor league hitting coach, makes a deal More Info »
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The Legend of Crawley Creek - by Mark A.Wilson

9781612043524-Wilson_Cover_WebA strange fog transports two young brothers back in time to a mysterious world where time seems to stand still. This unfamiliar land has green skies and starless nights but, as Brian and Luke escape from ruthless cowboys, fight blood thirsty conquistadors, and battle prehistoric beasts, it’s clear this is no paradise. The boys escape More Info »
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The Last of the Pitbulls - by Julia Plous

Plous Cover WebPitbulls Pudge and his nephew, Eye-Patch, are stray dogs living on the streets of Denver, Colorado, where pits are illegal and assumed to be vicious and aggressive. After Eye-Patch accidentally witnesses a brutal dog fight, Pudge decides get them both out of the city, and some place safe, as soon as possible. Will they be More Info »
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The Haunted Moor - by Joe Valks

Valks cover-webSchoolwork at the old Hall sure can be boring. Davy much prefers to dream about the legends of the moor, with a ruined castle, mysterious stones and even a Viking king. Then when some of the boys arrive back with news of an even more astonishing find, Davy and his best friend Simon are dared More Info »
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The Halloween Ball - by Irma Jamison

JamisonCoverWebThe Halloween Ball is truly a Halloween treat. Mary wants to attend her school’s Halloween dance at Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School. She’s a normal, ordinary teenager, but has difficulty asking her father about attending school functions. A protective dad, he can’t accept that his daughter is now a teenager and needs autonomy. Her mother knows More Info »
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The Deep Black Pond - by Morgan Kostival

9781609764869 Kostival CV 100810.inddThe children’s adventure The Deep Black Pond takes place on a very special tropical island. The fanciful creatures there inhabit a small pond situated in the middle of the island. Follow the misadventures of one of these tiny creatures named Mimi the peewee. Learn just how Mimi becomes the very first pink pearl in the More Info »
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The Dark Elves of Tane and the Tree Spirits - by Raynor Woods

Woods-Cover-WebWithin our solar system, the balance of Nature has been critically disturbed. Warmongering alien forces are exploiting fertile planets to fuel their military resources.  As a consequence, Earth is experiencing unprecedented high tides and strange weather anomalies.  Crops are failing and the smaller animals are dying.  Susan Grey and her friends, the guardians of Earth’s More Info »
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The Curious Tale of Marmalade Tuttle : Book Two. Marmalade Tuttle and the Battle Of Caldor - by Bob Trotter

9781612040233-Trotter_Cover_Web2After having cured her mother in the first part of her story, Marmalade goes to live in the land of Caldor with her father and the wizard-ruler of Caldor, Beatticus. There she begins years of training as a Sharron Knight and a Sword Maiden, learning under a samurai master. Now an expert in sword and More Info »
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The Covered Wagon Trek - by Marie Conyers McKay

McKay Cover webIt is 1912, and six-year-old Nellie is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Her parents are looking for work, so Nellie and her whole family pack into a crowded covered wagon for a long, exciting journey. Even though she is sad to leave home, Nellie sees things she’s never seen before: a car, a More Info »
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The Boys from Datra - by Jan Weeks

Weeks-Cover-Web_newEleven-year-old Meg definitely does not want to be left in Australia with her aunt and uncle, even if they are nice people, while her father goes to the South Pole to make a documentary about endangered animals. It’s so unfair, particularly when he’s always taken her in the past when he visited other countries. But More Info »
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The Adventures of Kaptain Kristian - by Sheryl Salmon

SalmonCoverWebIt all started out as a game that Kristy-Ann played with her friends in Sunday school. It was a game that involved her making some very special armor out of cardboard. Each week she made a new piece of the armor as instructed by her Sunday school teacher. As Kristy-Ann started to wear her armor, More Info »
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Stormy Hill’s Gift - by Nancy Clark

BodineStormyHillsGiftCoverWebOn a remote ranch near the Ozarks, a young girl sits glued to an ancient TV set, as the Belmont, the third leg of the Triple Crown, unfolds. Thrilled beyond belief, she witnesses history in the making as Ann Collins pilots her beautiful black colt, Stormy Lightning, to victory. But Janie Bailey experiences more than More Info »
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