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The Little Seagull - by Tanina Wings

Wings-Cover-WebJoin a family of seagulls, as your little ones learn what it’s like to fly with gulls who are testing their wings for the first time. The Little Seagull is a charming children’s story about a young seagull who cannot wait to grow up and be just like his Dad. He has to learn about More Info »
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The Little Dragon’s Rescue - by Lynne Pickering

Pickering Cover Web 1201x1215Mary-Jane and Samantha live near an enchanted forest. Lulu, a fairy friend, asks for their help in rescuing a little dragon after a wicked witch has captured him. The girls have an exciting adventure as they attempt The Little Dragon’s Rescue. With the help of fairies, a unicorn, and magic spells, they set the little More Info »
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The Legend of the Wishing Pearl - by Urbano Salvati

SalvatiCoverWebA master storyteller is at work here. Urbano Salvati presents his latest book, The Legend of the Wishing Pearl. In it, a beautiful young Japanese young girl named Orica lives in a small fishing village. Orica’s heart is full of love and she adores everyone and everything around her. The story enfolds from when she More Info »
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The Great Dragon Escape - by Aaron D. White /

9781608605552_White_CV_front.inddOn a visit to Dragon’s Keep, young princes Edward and William discover that their father, the king, has a baby dragon in captivity. After seeing the dragon, the two decide that the creature needs to be with its family and not a captive. But in order for the two princes to free the dragon, they More Info »
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The Golden Rule - by Sherrill S. Cannon

CannonCoverWebWhat if you treated others the way you’d like to be treated? What if everyone did that? What kind of world could there be? Robert and Kait decide to look for the golden ruler that their Mom has told them about, only to find out that she meant RULE instead of ruler. What is this More Info »
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The Discovery of Duck Nation - by David Driscoll

DriscollCoverWebA lost duckling gets found by Blackberry and Blueberry. Blackberry is a berry full of life. She has a marvelous sense of leadership and a caring mind. Blueberry is her loyal pal and he will follow her anywhere. Their friends are Strawberry and Huckleberry, who like to hang around. All the berries love adventure and More Info »
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The Covered Wagon Trek - by Marie Conyers McKay

McKay Cover webIt is 1912, and six-year-old Nellie is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Her parents are looking for work, so Nellie and her whole family pack into a crowded covered wagon for a long, exciting journey. Even though she is sad to leave home, Nellie sees things she’s never seen before: a car, a More Info »
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The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout - by John Rowe

Rowe-Cover-WebAll children love solving puzzles and mysteries. In The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout, their brains will be put to the test, as the great bloodhound detective Inspector Sniffabout is called on to unravel all kinds of strange events and happenings. The book is designed to undertake two important experiences in children's development. First, it encourages More Info »
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The Bird’s Party : Birds of the Tropical Dry Forest - by Maria Lorena Lopez

978160860-1561_Lopez_CV_052709.inddMilly and Tom are bird watching on the sunny beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica when they noticed a commotion in the big tree on the edge of the forest. Magpie Jay is planning to have a big birthday celebration with many of her feathered friends but her unsociable neighbor, Miss Green Iguana, doesn’t like the More Info »
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The Adventures Of Shamus The Leprechaun : Shamus Goes to School - by Paul E. Harvey, Jr

HarveyCoverWebShamus is a cunning little leprechaun who loves nothing more than to spend his time guarding his precious stores of gold. But when asked to go on an important mission to secretly live among the humans, Shamus must leave behind his home – and his gold – to see if people still believe in leprechauns. More Info »
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The Adventures of Roger and Penelope - by Ginger Blackburn

Blackburn Cover WebCan you imagine a gawky, gangly flamingo and a friendly green alligator from a small town trying to break into show business in New York City? In the furiously fun The Adventures of Roger and Penelope, readers will follow the cheerful and helpful alligator, Roger, and the silly flamingo, Penelope, as they experience the big More Info »
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The Adventures of Pussy Whoosie - by Marion Duthie

Duthie Cover WebPussy Whoosie is a mischievous but lovable cat who lives in a house next to a garden with Mr. Hoppity, her owner. Pussy Whoosie likes to be in charge of everything that happens in the house and garden, which often leads to her getting into trouble! In the first of the three stories in this More Info »
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The Adventures of Meek and the Island of Jewel - by Anthony R.Pitko

9781612044149-Pitko_Cover_WebMeek is a colorful bird with a jeweled beak, bright feathers, and dreams of places and adventures that lie beyond his island. He keeps trying to fly off, but is never strong enough. When a storm’s headwinds carry Meek far away, he ends up in a strange place, with even stranger creatures. What will Meek More Info »
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The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty - by Benjamin Boyd

Boyd-Cover-WebYoung Humpty Dumpty wants to make friends with Shellga, the new girl in town. But every time he works up the nerve to talk to her, Sunny Side Up and Sunny Side Down (the very “anti-boy” Sunny Side Twins) do their best to scramble his plans. After his failed attempts to talk to Shellga and More Info »
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The Adventures of Gleeson and Cormac : Why Are People Bullied? - by Molly O’Rourke

WallCoverWebGleeson and Cormac are two curious frogs who are joined in their continuing adventures by their friend, Rachel. The first story in the series was The Adventures of Gleeson and Cormac: Why Do People Cry? This book, Why Are People Bullied?, has the two frogs and their friend, Rachel, watch a class that is studying More Info »
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The Adventures of Doctor Earwax and Toejam - by Todd Emerick

Emerick-Cover-Web_newDoctor Earwax and his trusty sidekick Toejam battle the evil Lady Fungus and her dastardly Fungi troops on Mt. Wannapikaboogi to rescue the beautiful Princess Nosehair and her best friend, Watertight. During the adventure there are close calls and narrow escapes. But in the end, Earwax and Toejam save the day and the princess…..or wait, More Info »
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Tales from Down on the Farm : Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children - by Lesley Glover

Glover-Cover-WebEach short story in Tales from Down on the Farm: Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children is told from the prospective of a small cat called Bo, who discovers as he grows up that life is not only full of surprises, but is also full of problems that must be solved. With the help of his More Info »
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Sweet Baby’s Fun Months of the Year - by Sheila L. Morris

MorrisCoverWeb_newSweet Baby’s Fun Months of the Year explores all the months and what “Sweet Baby” does during each of those twelve months. Learn about the seasons of the year and the important holidays that we celebrate. This fun children’s book also introduces ordinal numbers that are just “tons of fun.” Buy the B&N ePub version More Info »
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Socket, Where Are You? : A Story About Seven Cottage Dogs - by Jude Leonard and Larraine Buswell

LeonardCoverWebSeven dogs, all with widely different personalities and characteristics, live at Ruishton Cottage. When they are called to dinner one evening, only six dogs show up. Socket is missing! She was last seen chasing two wild rabbits. Where could Socket have gone? She never misses a meal! Her cottage kennel mates set out to find More Info »
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Snuggle Up : A Selection of Children’s Stories - by Anne Mackeown

MackeownCoverWeb_newSnuggle Up is a selection of five children’s stories that will delight young readers. They will take children on a journey rich in fantasy, fun, and adventure. Some have a subtle life lesson, while others are pure escapism. Peter’s picnic in the country: Peter is a city car, very shiny and fast but he is More Info »
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