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What In Creation Is Going On Here - by Philip Bruce Heywood

Heywood-Cover-WebThis book speaks of the book written in stone beneath our feet as it was read by geologists. It explains why there is a great puzzle about the meaning of the book of stone. It also explains why there is a great puzzle about parts of the book of books – the Bible. It brings More Info »
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The Little Wave : An Adventure in Earthly Care -- Part One - by Stephen Lamoreaux

Lamoreaux Cover WebEven a small change can have big effects in the world around us. In the ecological children’s book The Little Wave: An Adventure in Earthly Care – Part One, we learn how. A little wave is born in a pond and living a happy life, when a truck appears one day and sprays the surrounding More Info »
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The Haunted Moor - by Joe Valks

Valks cover-webSchoolwork at the old Hall sure can be boring. Davy much prefers to dream about the legends of the moor, with a ruined castle, mysterious stones and even a Viking king. Then when some of the boys arrive back with news of an even more astonishing find, Davy and his best friend Simon are dared More Info »
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The Halloween Ball - by Irma Jamison

JamisonCoverWebThe Halloween Ball is truly a Halloween treat. Mary wants to attend her school’s Halloween dance at Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School. She’s a normal, ordinary teenager, but has difficulty asking her father about attending school functions. A protective dad, he can’t accept that his daughter is now a teenager and needs autonomy. Her mother knows More Info »
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Stay : The Search Begins - by Ian Newbegin

Newbegin_Cover_WebThis extraordinary sci-fi novel considers the possibilities of mind travel to other planets. Stay: All Is Not What It Seems opens the Pandora’s Box of what could happen if our minds held the power to transport us through space. Frank Melton is upset when he hears one of his fellow mind-traveling operatives is a criminal, More Info »
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Simbaly Sram - by Walter Miranda

Miranda Cover WebFollow Elisa through the cities of Brazil as she sets out to find the mysterious stranger from her dream. Her determination to find this man quickly becomes an obsession. Elisa, joined by her sidekick Luciana, journeys from Sao Carlos to Sao Paulo and further to Paraiso. With each stop along the way, she meets bizarre More Info »
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Reilly After The Storm - by T.G. Sampson

9781618978745-Perfect.inddBorn in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, Reilly After the Storm is an adventurous novel that begins in the past, yet hurtles toward the future at a fast pace. Reilly is not a normal dog by any means. Torn from her roots deep in the Louisiana farming country as a puppy, whisked away to strange More Info »
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Oriam - by Walter Miranda

Miranda Cover Web-MFEEons past, in the far reaches of the cosmos, planet Oriam experienced overpopulation so severe it became a threat to its survival. The leaders’ solution of mass sterilization proved only too effective and now the population faces a worse outcome: extinction. In a last ditch effort to save their race, Oriam sends a scientist to More Info »
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More Cats Tails: The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy - by Derek T. Morgan

MorganCoverWebWelcome once again to Rommy and Reemy’s world, where love, honour, and friendship abound in warm and fuzzy tales of derring-do, as these twin kittens push the boundaries of feline knowledge to the limit! Each chapter in the fun-filled children’s book More Cats Tails (The Further Adventures of Rommy and Reemy) presents a separate adventure More Info »
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Liberty - by Rita Chapman

ChapmanCoverWebA human child named Liberty is brought into a world ruled by vampires when she and her mother are captured from their human settlement and held in an enclosure. Liberty’s mother teaches her about the various races of Earth Carers, called Dwellers, during their long nights of captivity. She is also educated with the other More Info »
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Dream Watchman: Rise of the Three-Headed Dragon; Book II - Tina Roberts

WilderCoverWebEmily Rollins and the Sword of Raywood returns in the Dream Watchman sequel Rise of the Three-Headed Dragon. Her mission; to unlock the power of Blue Hydra Dragon Inspiration before the hope chest key falls into the hands of wicked Dream Watchman. A race against time sweeps Emily to the Jeweled City by the Black More Info »
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Between Two Worlds : The Legend of Quanah Parker - by Cynthia Kay Rhodes

9781612042466-Rhodes Cover WebBefore boundaries were drawn and states were born, there lived a man named Quanah Parker. He was half white and half Comanche but, in his heart, he was one hundred percent Comanche. In his youth, he fought in a battle against the white buffalo hunters known as the “Battle of the Second Adobe Walls.” After More Info »
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Beautiful Animal Stories for Good Children - by Kauko Lehti

Lehti_Cover_WebFrom a fragile canary bird to a strong bear, the animals in these ten short stories can speak to one another. A lion may share a secret with a peacock; a frog can explain something to a grasshopper. In these soon-to-be-classic stories for pre-K children, the animals find out some important lessons about life. Children More Info »
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Anger Tree - by John H. Cary

9781946539281-Cary_CV.inddThere’s a tree that takes anger. Trevor Baker is a big, heavy, and very angry nine-year-old boy who is the neighborhood and school bully. One night after his mother takes away his television, he storms out of the house, shouting, punching, and kicking anything in his path. Unsatisfied after acting out his violence, he comes More Info »
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