The Adventures of Pussy Whoosie – by Marion Duthie

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Pussy Whoosie is a mischievous but lovable cat who lives in a house next to a garden with Mr. Hoppity, her owner. Pussy Whoosie likes to be in charge of everything that happens in the house and garden, which often leads to her getting into trouble!

In the first of the three stories in this book, Pussy Whoosie meets Diane the hedgehog and gets a prick on the nose from one of her spiny quills. She runs and hides under the bed before Mr. Hoppity takes her out into the garden again where she eventually becomes friends with Diane.

In the second tale Pussy Whoosie climbs a Christmas tree, causing it to fall down. Instead of taking the blame herself, she decides to blame all the other animals in the neighborhood. But, as is often the case with Pussy Whoosie, things don’t quite go as planned.

In the final story in the book Pussy Whoosie encounters Roma the gossiping blackbird and Felicity the sparrow. The two chattering birds discuss who Pussie Whoosie will meet on her walk.

A highly entertaining book for children, The Adventures of Pussy Whoosie also provides valuable lessons about honesty, friendship, and not being too quick to judge others who may appear as different from you.

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