You ARE Special, Jethro! - by Glynis Bloomfield and Tiana Torres-Thomas

BloomfieldCoverWebJethro is a little pony who feels useless, because all the other horses at Peter’s Pony Farm are ridden every day, but no one wants to ride him. The other animals, Chicken, Lamb and Cow, all tell him that he is special, but Jethro disagrees and has little self-esteem. Until one day, a little neighbour More Info »
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Woolly and Hopper - by Dean Daniel Ebert

EbertCoverWebWhy does the woolly worm cross the road? And why do caterpillars cross the road in the fall? Find out in the fun children’s book Woolly and Hopper! This educational and meaningful children’s story is told though the eyes of Mildred, a grass spider. It is also an adventurous tale about grasshoppers and how bugs More Info »
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William's Troublesome Tongue - by Maureen Hinton

9781612048628-Front_Cover-webIn this Read-to-you version, William is a young frog who lives on Blue Lily Pond, and he has a big problem. William has trouble catching bugs. William yearns to be as good at bug catching as all of the other frogs, so he goes off by himself to practice the art. During one of his More Info »
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Who Will Play With Molly-May? - by Glynis Bloomfield

BloomfieldCoverWebIn this fun little picture story book set in Australia, young Molly-May can’t find anyone to play with. Each day she gets up early and asks someone to play, but always ends up playing by herself. She asks her cousin and then various animals. She approaches a koala, a cassowary, a possum, and a lorikeet, More Info »
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White House Mockingbird - by Richard J. Adler

AdlerCoverWebWhite House Mockingbird is an illustrated story about Dick the mockingbird who really did live in the White House during President Jefferson's time in office. The president kept Dick’s cage in a special place in his study. Whenever he had free time, Jefferson and Dick were always side by side. Dick's life changes forever while More Info »
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When I Dream - by Robin Landry

9781612040851-Landry Cover WebOpen these pages to endless worlds of wonder and amazement. From ancient legends and mysteries from the far reaches of history, to modern twists on classic tales, and challenging information about the world around us, When I Dream is a collection of poems that inspires and teaches as it entertains. Sure to become a favorite More Info »
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What Makes the Thunder? - by Karen Mc Naughton

McNaughton Cover WebDo you know what makes the thunder? As a little boy plays in his room, a storm rages outside. When a loud crack of thunder sends him running to his mum in the kitchen, it begins his journey through the house to various family members for the answer to the question, “What makes the thunder?” More Info »
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What In Creation Is Going On Here - by Philip Bruce Heywood

Heywood-Cover-WebThis book speaks of the book written in stone beneath our feet as it was read by geologists. It explains why there is a great puzzle about the meaning of the book of stone. It also explains why there is a great puzzle about parts of the book of books – the Bible. It brings More Info »
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Treasure of the Blue Mountain - by Colbby

Colby Cover-WebAfter visiting an auction Kevin and Ella discover a map in an old account book.  They have to follow the clues that could lead them to treasure, but someone else is also on the trail.  Who are they and how did they get to know? Back at their aunt’s house, Kevin has to make a More Info »
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Trains : Safe and Sound - by Julie Chatton

9781606933077 Chatton CV 111313Trains, Safe and Sound is a superbly informative book for children. In this age of rush, rush and our intricate transit system, author Julie Chatton has written a book that teaches children valuable safety tips regarding the transport system that moves our country and its people daily throughout the world. Chatton not only teaches children More Info »
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Tommy and Jacqui : Laughing with Kookaburras - by Violet Apted

Apted Cover WebTwo adventurous cousins named Tommy and Jacqui are as close as any brother and sister, and share many fun times together. They live in a bayside town called Wynnum, near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The children are enthralled with the new tree house that Tommy’s father has built for them. The two eight-year-olds love playing More Info »
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Toby and the Pirates - by Shirley Coughlin

9781612047454_Coughlin_CV_112411.aiEach year, twelve-year-old Toby and his family holiday in Cornwall with Toby’s rather eccentric Aunty Sandra. Toby is obsessed with pirates! This year, Toby’s best friend, Thomas, accompanies the family on their holiday, and strange things begin to happen. The boys suddenly find themselves transported back 300 years in time, where they meet up with More Info »
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To Give Away—Lonely Beagle Puppy - by Nancy Janorschke

JanorschkeCoverWeb_newThis little book tells the all too familiar story of children begging for a pet and then losing interest as other interests develop. The first happy scenes are of getting a much longed for puppy. But gradually the puppy gets forgotten as friends and school activities take over. The puppy becomes lonelier and the children More Info »
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Those Five Kids - by Marlon Cozier

9781628572308-Cozier_CV.inddSecrets are meant to be kept secret! Just before he begins fourth grade, Frankie Bennett goes to Sea Sight Elementary School to get ready for the new school year. After picking up his class schedule, he overhears a woman in the school lobby talking to her son about finding a student there named Joey Fallon. More Info »
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Things We Should All Know About Dragons - by Leonard Ericks

9781606935057_Cover.inddA spellbinding tale of a wise and friendly dragon as he sits down to write a special incantation to all children and reveal the magnifi cent true nature of dragons in, What We Should All Know About Dragons. To All Children: I admit that dragons can be very scary at times. They roar and laugh More Info »
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The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear : The Stories Begin - by Glen E. Robinson

9781628579949_Robinson_CV_060415.aiIn this first book of a new children’s book series, The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear: Stories Begin, a little girl named Kristi receives a Teddy bear for Christmas. She loves the bear so much and hugs him so tightly that one of his eyes pops out, rolls under the Christmas tree and is lost. Teddy More Info »
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The Uncivil War : Battle in the classroom - by Nick K. Adams

Adams Cover WebMorgan Huddleston and Jeremy Wiggins have shared a classroom for three years, disliking each other the whole time and always in constant competition. Then a fourth grade social studies assignment reveals they are directly connected by tragic events that occurred 150 years earlier. Morgan and Jeremy contact their relatives and learn they both had a More Info »
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The Uluru Adventure : Wicky Wacky Farm Series Book 4 - by Doreen Slinkard

Slinkard Cover WebThe Wicky Wacky Farm family takes a holiday into the centre of Australia in the fun new children’s book The Uluru Adventure: Wicky Wacky Farm Series Book 4. Mother Dora, father Wally, and their children, Donny and Lulu, join some friends when they visit the scenic Outback at Uluru. They have a fun time meeting More Info »
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The Tiny Tomato and His Terrific Manners - by Barbara Prignano

Prignano-Cover-WebTom tomato is the largest tomato in the garden. As such, he thinks he’s better than the other tomatoes and he deliberately bullies the smaller ones. He is rude and ill-mannered, and goes out of his way to make sure the smaller tomatoes don’t grow. He learns a valuable lesson about bullying, and when he’s More Info »
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The Three Little Green Pigs, LLC : A Recycling Pig Tale - by Richard Oldenburg

OldenburgCoverWebThe Three Little Pigs go green in the updated children’s book The Three Little Green Pigs, LLC: A Recycling Pig Tale. The descendants of the original Three Little Pigs are now in the construction business, building green homes out of recyclable materials. A contest pits the pigs against one another and the winner will be More Info »
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