Censorship in Norht Carolina USA versus China:

GalleyCat is a great newsletter. Here is an article about book censorship being alive and well in the USA. right-to-read-project_b81098 As you know, PODG is bringing books into China, through their censors, and sometimes, when I see our media banging the censorship drum about China, I think about governments and people everywhere that seek to limit anyone. yet.. does Disneyworld censor? They only want happy books. Does the Wall Street Journal censor? They will say they don’t, but there are certain pervasive points of view there too. As an author, do you realize that Apple certainly censors? We get emails all the time about some phrase that has offended their erotica filters. So, what is censorship anyway, really? Is it something that everyone engages in? And is it so pervasive that we can’t even see it because we live it every day? My conclusion. this is one of those areas of “dynamic tension” that will never be fully one way or the other, and as always, the far right scares me, as does the far left. Now Back to work! Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: Twitter: @Robert_CEO, CEO Blog:

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