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ePubCo, in conjunction with leading edge global publishers, is one of the largest producers of digital book media. Our powerful publishing consortium leverages extensive global connections and unparalleled experience to help authors as well as other publishers to realize their full potential.

Our internationally acclaimed services and marketing are sought out by thousands of authors and other publishers from around the globe. We look forward to helping you or your organization realize the broadest readership and digital market possible.


Meet the future of digital publishing: the ePubCoSolution.

The ePubCoSolution means that if you already have a published print book, we can help. Convert your book, short story, article, dissertation, or any content to the major e-book formats that most e-readers accept. With digital media, you can exponentially increase your readership.

The ePubCoSolution ™ means that we handle the complexities involved with dealing with endless vendors and third party distributors. Likewise, we manage all of your royalty payments.

Are you an international author who has experienced shipping problems of your physical book? The ePubCoSolution ™ eliminates this problem altogether.

Are you a Chinese publisher or Chinese author? Are you seeking to penetrate the Chinese market?

ePubCo has partnered with one of the most experienced publishers in the Asian market. This close partnership provides the expertise and connections needed to fulfill any Chinese publishing need. We also represent the GECN.

Did you know that more digital books sold last year than did print books?

The New Normal of Publishing means that more and more books will be published, purchased and read in various digital formats. A plethora of multimedia devices such as the Kindle, Nook, Ipad and even pocket-sized smart phones are providing an exciting opportunity for authors to enter the digital media market. This does not even take into account the millions of traditional personal computers that are capable of accessing your digital book.

The ePubCoSolution ™ can greatly expand the availability and access of your book or books.

Reach millions of additional potential readers by utilizing our Multi-Format E-book (MFE) program to convert to the Kindle and ePub formats.

To get your work to display properly on the Kindle and ePub devices, it has to be formatted to specific standards. As one of the largest digital e-book producers, we can successfully convert your book so that it properly displays on hundreds of different digital book readers and devices.

The ePubCoSolution ™ Process Snapshot

You can start by requesting a review and quote. We will determine and report to you the type of MFE solution that will best serve you.

Our standard MFE process includes:

  • Editing of your manuscript (additional cost)
  • Text layout and formatting to our e-book standards
  • Converting your book to the Mobi and ePub formats
  • Develop cover art if needed (additional cost)
  • Assign a new ISBNs
  • Uploading the files to the Kindle, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, our distribution warehouse, and our foreign-rights partners around the world.
  • Online review of the uploaded files for quality control
  • Uploading your cover image, synopsis, and Bio to the sales sites
  • Logging the E-book’s critical data for royalties
  • Adding key search words that you provide us
  • Processing and distributing royalty payments from all outlets

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